Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Will Jackson Pursue April?

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Will Jackson Pursue April?


Grey's Anatomy creator S. Rhimes previewed the next trajectory for April Kepner and Jackson Avery when the medical drama returns for is tenth season.

During season nine's finale, we were left to believe that Avery died on the bus explosion as he was trying to save a young boy's life. Later on, he appeared out of the fog like a super doctor/hero, vehemently making April Kepner go rogue.

Though I get how worried Kepner might have been as she thought that her former flame had already been dead, but declaring her love for him after days of getting engaged? Boy, that was just a tad cumbersome to digest. Get it together, Kepner!

If you're still hoping for an April/Jackson reunion, might I suggest NOT to keep your hopes up? Read the spoilers the showrunner has previewed below:

Shonda Rhimes echoes that which Sarah Drew shared with us — Jackson wasn’t exactly bowled over by April’s mid-superstorm declaration of love. “He’s been very patient, and she’s the one who sort of walked away from him. And when the finale happened, he was feeling kind of ‘done,’ so her declaration is definitely going to have interesting repercussions,” Rhimes allows. “She’s engaged to somebody else, and he’s with somebody else, and it’s not as if either of them is behaving, I would say, in the most mature manner. They’ve definitely got challenging times ahead.”

Source: TV Line