Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Will Intern 'Mousy' Return?

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Will Intern 'Mousy' Return?


In case you haven't heard, Grey's Anatomy has recently promoted four cast members: Camilla Luddington, Gaius Charles, Jerrika Hinton and Tessa Ferrer who play interns of Grey/Sloan Memorial as series regulars in season 10.

However, among the newbies, Tina Majorino who portrays intern Heather/Mousy did not get the same upgrade. This is due to the actress' new gig on TNT, Legends.

But lest you're wondering if you could still see Mousy banter with Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd during the early run of the medical drama, this spoiler is for you!

Majorino’s Heather will appear in the two-hour season premiere, which picks up right where last May’s cliffhanger left off. And according to series creator Shonda Rhimes, said opener “will account for Heather’s absence” moving forward, adding, “We loved [Tina], and she is wonderful on our show. But yes, we will account for her absence.”

Source: TV Line