Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Cristina & Owen Are Splitsville "Through the Premiere, and Maybe Longer"

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Cristina & Owen Are Splitsville "Through the Premiere, and Maybe Longer"


Grey's Anatomy actor Kevin Kckidd previewed what's next for Cristina and Owen on his recent chat with TV Line.

Last season, the couple has yet again faced another turmoil in their relationship. Cristina has decided to split when she questioned her significance in Owen's life. When Mckidd's character has been deeply attached to a 10 year old kid named Ethan, Cristina came to her senses thinking that she'll never be just enough. Owen has always wanted a child of his own, and Cristina isn't exactly mom-material, as we all know.

When season 10 opens, how will the Grey/Sloan couple deal with this conflict?

Read the spoilers below:

Owen and Cristina are splistville “definitely through the premiere, and maybe longer. It looks like it could be quite a bit longer,” McKidd tells TVLine.

Especially since this feels like the umpteenth time that their disparate views on starting a family have given birth to friction. ”The problem they have is they really kind of are the loves of each other’s lives,” McKidd observes, “but they have fundamental, opposing, strong beliefs. So is one of them going to back down? I don’t know.”

One thing McKidd seems confident about is that Owen won’t simply let Cristina walk away, even after she has, well, walked away. “Cristina said, ‘I realize that I need to let you go,’ but he’s not quite there yet,” the actor notes. Nor is she, necessarily. “The problem is she’s not really ‘checked out’ [of the romance]. She tries to make herself checked out, but even through the two-hour opener you can tell that the attraction between the two of them is never going to go away. Theres always going to be this magnetism.”

As such, McKidd — who is currently set to direct the coming run’s eighth episode — anticipates a “very interesting” Season 10 for Owen/Cristina, even though “they might spend a lot of it broken up.” Realizing what he just said, he quickly adds: “I know the Cristina/Owen fans will be like, ‘Oh my god, that means it’s over!’ But no, they’re still working in the same hospital, they’re still go to be constantly in each other lives. And they’re such an odd couple… I think in a wierd way they might find a way to make not being in a relationship work for them.”

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