Grey’s Anatomy Scoop: Creator Shonda Rhimes Penned Mark Sloan’s Eulogy — ‘I like to believe that Mark is with Lexie somewhere’

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October 4, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy has once again broke our hearts when the death of Mark Sloan aka McSteamy was officially declared. The moment the premiere episode flashed the birthdate of Sloan opposite the year 2012, I knew right then and there that it was the end of him. That not even for a short glimpse, I can never again feel that exhilarating disposition everytime a shadow of the one and only Mark Sloan enters a scene.

In the case of showrunner Shonda Rhimes, however, I can only imagine how difficult and painful it has been for her. By utilizing her creative mind, she was able to craft this amazing character that took our breaths away episode after episode; only to find out down the road that she needs to find a way to bury him.

Now that everything about Eric Dane’s character will be a closed chapter in the history of the medical series, Shonda makes an unprecedented move. Among the many characters Rhimes had killed-off in Grey’s, this is the first time that she has written a few special words in memoriam of the late Mark Sloan. Here’s the sentimental obituary personally penned by Rhimes:

Last week, Mark Sloan succumbed to injuries sustained in the plane crash that took the life of fellow surgeon Alexandra Caroline Grey. By the time he died, he was no longer just a hot naked guy in a towel. He’d become more than McSteamy. Mark had grown to become a mentor, a true best friend, a father, and the love of Lexie Grey’s life.

After six seasons, the end of Mark Sloan was a great loss for me as a writer and for the show. And for the fans. I like to believe that Mark is with Lexie somewhere. That those two characters are spending eternity together, getting to have the relationship they were never able to have when they were alive. Because, as Lexie’s dying words told us, she and Mark were “meant to be.”

Mark Everett Sloan died on September 27, 2012. He is survived by his daughter Sofia; his baby mamas, Callie and Arizona; his fellow doctors at Seattle Grace; and every woman who ever imagined what it might be like to have a little McSteamy between her sheets.
He will be missed by all.

Mark Sloan 1968 – 2012

Source: EW