A new doctor joins the Grey’s Anatomy cast!

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January 25, 2011

Just when you think the Grey’s Anatomy cast couldn’t get any larger, we’ve got spoilers that another one will be joining the ranks of the Seattle Grace gang. Check out who’s going to be hanging out with the Grey’s Anatomy cast during this season!

Rachael Taylor joins the Grey’s Anatomy cast as Dr. Lucy Fields — who will be the obstetrician to a major character (hmm, I wonder.. who of the cast is currently pregnant?).

Taylor will also share a lot of scenes with Dr. Alex Karev. Whether or not these two will embark upon a romantic relationship remains to be seen — Taylor was pretty tight-lipped on that. Although she did leave a bit of intrigue with this little quote: “There’s been no steam yet, I don’t think. Depends on what you call steam.”

Source: TV Guide

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    Dr Lucy Fields is hot!