Promotional Photo of Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Unleashed — Meredith and Derek Caught Having A Sexy Moment!

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September 7, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy has now released its first promotional photo for their very much awaited season 9 comeback. Although we have been expecting some sort of melodramatic kind of image, we’re surprised to see an intimate moment from two survivors of the crash, Meredith and Derek. Check out the photo below and see for yourself!

What can you say? Does that look like a traumatized couple to you? Well, TV Line got some information from creator Shonda Rhimes about the reason behind Mer and Der’s pretty steamy kiss in spite of the season 8 painful end.

“One of the things I said to the writers was, ‘I want a lot more romantic scenes. I want to see that Derek and Meredith are a happy, sexy couple,’” Rhimes tells TVLine. “They basically settled down in a lot of ways. They are very settled. They’re married, they have a child, and they’re both working. I want to see what that means for them as a couple and how they, against the odds, manage to keep that relationship sexy and fun. So we’re playing with that and it’s been really fun.”

Moreover, Rhimes also teased that Meredith and Derek will be spending more time in season 9 building their dream house. More room for sexy and fun time, I guess?

“We’re spending a lot of money and it’s quite beautiful,” she raves of the ginormous set piece. “Viewers saw a little bit of it last season, and we just sort of expanded on that a little bit.”

Source: TV Line