Grey's Anatomy POLL: Who Do You Want April Kepner To End Up With -- Jackson or Matthew?

Grey's Anatomy POLL: Who Do You Want April Kepner To End Up With -- Jackson or Matthew?

greys_anatomy_april_matthew_jacksonCalling out Jackson and April shippers on Grey's Anatomy! Good news incoming..

April and Jackson are one of those couples in Grey's that are still on the bubble for "will-they or will-they- not" be together on the medical series. It is no secret that Shonda is passionate about throwing a third party in between a blossoming romance, or in April and Jackson's case -- an awkward, blossoming romance with an added feature of April's obsession with her already gone virginity.

So you get the drill, they were besties, they get drunk, they take each other's clothes off and bam! They become a couple. Natch on Grey's usual course, it doesn't just end there.. After a couple of glitches (pregnancy paranoia and virginity issues) down the road, the two have decided to cool it off.

At the moment, the two former lovers are taking other ventures romantically. Jackson hooked-up with an intern named Stephanie and April has find solace with the lone virgin left in Seattle, EMT Matthew.

So what's next for these romantically entangled people in Grey-Sloan Memorial?

According to TV Line, for the short term, April is focused on The Virgin EMT Matthew and their road may become a bumpy one.

Moreover, Sarah Drew who portrays perky April Kepner has previewed the April 4th episode titled "She's Killing Me". Check out what the actress has teased:

“[April] winds up working on a patient with Jackson, and he winds up being there for her in a way that she needs when she has a crisis of faith. But when she tries to talk to Matthew about it, he misinterprets what she’s talking about and leaves her even more confused than before!”

Which guy do you like April Kepner to end up with? Tell us by voting on our latest Grey's Anatomy poll below!