Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Sarah Drews on April Kepner Seeing Jackson Back in Seattle — “that is going to throw a wrench into her plans “.

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October 12, 2012

Previously on Grey’s Anatomy..

Sarah Drew’s character, April Kepner, turned back on her life as a surgeon when she realizes there isn’t much left for her to stay in Seattle. But upon leaving S. Grace, her knight in shining scrubs, Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) tried to revive their budding romance — by offering her a drink at Joe’s. Sooner than we thought, April stood Jackson up on their date, and boarded the plane back to her farm house. In April’s mind, that is the last time she’s gonna see Jackson, since she knows Jackson moving to Tulane.

However, due to unparalleled circumstances, Jackson decided to stay at the same time that Chief Owen Hunt asked April back. Now that things are back in order for Kepner’s career, how will the events between her life and Jackson’s shock the two of them?

“She doesn’t realize that Jackson’s going to be there, because he was supposed to go to Tulane,” Sarah Drew previews. “But he is there, and that is going to throw a wrench into her plans.” Reflecting on when April and Jackson saw each other – or at least were supposed to see each other – Drew admits, “She sort of stood him up. She had to get on a plane, and he didn’t have time for her. So she went on with her life and thought she wouldn’t ever see him again, and then she walks into the hospital and there he is. It’s a funny entrance back into the world!”

Sarah Drews told TV Line.

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