Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: More on THE love triangle!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: More on THE love triangle!

How many of you guys thought that the Owen-Teddy-Cristina triangle was actually resolved at the end of last week's episode? Yeah, I didn't really either but Kevin McKidd gives us the official word on what to expect for this love triangle!

On whether the triangle has actually been resolved...

Well it seems not only has it not been resolved, McKidd claims, "It’s going to get pretty intense and much more complicated then it already is." We can expect this little "development" as the season ends.

On what else is coming up with Owen...

It seems his past comes back in some way, shape, or form which will -- if you guys  can believe it -- further complicate his relationship with his two leading ladies.

On who McKidd thinks Owen should end up with...

McKidd is definitely an Owen-and-Cristina fan!

Source: TV Guide Magazine