Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: New Love Interest for McSteamy, Episode 8 Scene and More

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October 19, 2011

Tv Line has once again shared a few Grey’s Anatomy spoilers, this time about new cast member, Calzona & O’Malley moment in episode 8, and more:

  • Former Gossip Girl pot-stirrer Holley Fain is joining the cast as a recurring love interest for Eric Dane’s rebounding doc. Her character — who debuts sometime during November — works as an ophthalmologist at another Seattle-based hospital.
  • There will be a really nice “moment” between Calzona and Mama O’Malley in the season 8 episode 8 (November 3rd).
  • If you wonder if there’s chance of Mark and Lexie getting back together anytime soon —probably not.