Spoilers on our Grey’s Anatomy Doctors and Their Messy Love Lives

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March 31, 2011

Our Grey’s Anatomy doctors may be book smart but they sure need some help in the love department. Check out these spoilers on what’s coming up for a love triangle and a seemingly stable couple!

Wonder if there’s any new info on the whole Mark/Lexie/Jackson triangle on Grey’s Anatomy? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel so I can get through the rest of the season?! Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson, the newest part of the love triangle commented:

“I think that the fans know Lexie (Chyler Leigh) better than Jackson does. I think that’s kind of an interesting perspective for the audience on how he should approach her, and he’s going to try and figure it out for himself, and he may fail or he may succeed.”

So, if you’re a Mark (Eric Dane) and Lexie fan, it could be considered good news that Jackson considers himself romantically clueless about Little Grey, right?

Kevin McKidd also talked about if there might be a season-ending Cristina-Owen baby surprise:

“That’s an interesting idea; I never thought of that. It’s interesting because there have been having a lot of discussions about that, heated discussions about that. So it’s possible. But I’m not saying it’s definite.”

Source: Watch with Kristin

  • Kheeyah

    Will Lexie and Mark end up together? I would really love it if they do. Though Lexie and Avery’s team up is also cute. Still, I’m am pro-Sloan! lol

  • Classy123

    I think Solan should be with Callie. I love that Shonda is trying to give gays/lesbians someone to relate to but I have always believed that Solan and Callie belong together. Arizona is a cry baby and its getting old fast…

  • grey’s fan

    I don’t understand how people can actually think that Callie and Mark belong together because all they do is use each other for sex when things get difficult instead of fighting for what they want. Arizona ahould go find someone who actually cares/loves her because Callie is to selfish and self-centered

  • Sbwoman53

    I love Mark and Callie. Why do they always go to each other when something happens? There is an attraction that goes past physical. It would be great to see their relationship develop