Casting Spoilers: Loretta Devine and James Tupper Checking Back Into Grey’s Anatomy

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February 18, 2011

Guess who’s coming back to Grey’s Anatomy? EW is reporting that James Tupper will return for for three episodes toward the end of this season:

The former Men in Trees and Mercy star turned heads at the start of this season during his guest run on the show as Dr. Andrew Perkins, a psychologist who was brought in to perform evaluations on the residents after last season’s mass shooting (and who hooked up with Kim Raver’s Dr. Teddy).

Loretta Devine is also checking back into Grey’s Anatomy in the Feb. 17 episode as sassy Adele Webber, and if news that she’ll be seeking medical help has you worried, join the club.

“I’m a little scared myself,” says the actress. “I know she keeps falling and that she’s blaming it on her shoes. They don’t know what it is, I think. I have a couple of more episodes [to film], so I think we’ll be finding out in the next couples of episodes.”

While her relationship with Richard has been open-ended as far as fans’ knew, it turns out she and the Chief are “the happiest they’ve ever been in their lives,” she said.

“They’re very much in love, and he’s very supportive of her. They just can’t agree on what’s causing her to fall,” she said. “Her personality is still intact, though.”

“I have a couple of great scenes with Bailey. Bailey and I are always butting heads because those are two powerful women. So they send Bailey in to examine me, and oh my God, we get into it. She still has her spunk, I would say.”

Adele and Richard have typically been at odds when she’s been around. Could the writers be leading us to believe they’re happy now only to set us up for a fall?