What’s up with Lexie and Jackson on Grey’s Anatomy

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March 9, 2011

It seems that we’ll see the aftereffects of their steamy shower sesh during the musical episode.Take a look at the latest Grey’s Anatomy spoilers from the TV Guide involving Lexie and Jackson.

“Mark is devastated by the whole thing,” Chyler Leigh tells us, saying that she doesn’t think Jackson is just a rebound for Lexie. “She can talk with him and there’s something refreshing about him. It has the potential to blossom into something pretty big,” she says.

  • maggie37

    Is Shonda gradually phasing Patrick and Meredith out of the show like she did with TR? They don’t get substantial airtime Nor decent story lines. Hope she isn’t. Bad move.

  • Blue_cherry32

    uhhh i think lexie + jackson is a pretty bad move too. boooooring.