Latest Grey's Anatomy Spoilers on Musical Episode, Mer-Der and Mark/Lexie Storyline

Latest Grey's Anatomy Spoilers on Musical Episode, Mer-Der and Mark/Lexie Storyline

Wondering is there really a musical episode of Grey's?! There sure is! E Online just talked to Patrick Dempsey at the Avon 125th anniversary event here in Los Angeles and he shared a little about the upcoming musical ep; apparently the actual singing might be restricted to just a few key characters:

"I don't sing...Sara Ramirez has got a great voice. Kevin McKidd's got a great voice. They're really carrying that episode, and I think they do a phenomenal job. Eric Dane is like Robert Goulet—really funny, really great voice. There are a lot of good, talented triple-threats on the show."

Kristin also answered a question if is it true that Meredith is going to have to choose between blindness and a baby this season on Grey's Anatomy:

No worries. Meredith has a little bit of an issue because the [fertility] meds are a bit too strong for her, but she's going to be fine, she's not going blind—she needs to see.

What is in store for Mer-Der on Grey's Anatomy in the future episodes? Dempsey summarizes the whole rest of the season series for you, with a laugh:

"It's a melodrama—[Meredith and Derek] do the best that they can, and they cry and they fight." Yup!

Any chance for Mark and Lexie to get back together. Well, Shonda Rhimes tweeted,

"Mark/Lexie fans: I know you are stressing out. But just wait for it. It's gonna be a painful wait but I think it will be well worth it." See, now don't we all feel better?

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