Latest Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers on Musical Episode, Mer-Der and Mark/Lexie Storyline

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February 18, 2011

Wondering is there really a musical episode of Grey’s?! There sure is! E Online just talked to Patrick Dempsey at the Avon 125th anniversary event here in Los Angeles and he shared a little about the upcoming musical ep; apparently the actual singing might be restricted to just a few key characters:

“I don’t sing…Sara Ramirez has got a great voice. Kevin McKidd’s got a great voice. They’re really carrying that episode, and I think they do a phenomenal job. Eric Dane is like Robert Goulet—really funny, really great voice. There are a lot of good, talented triple-threats on the show.”

Kristin also answered a question if is it true that Meredith is going to have to choose between blindness and a baby this season on Grey’s Anatomy:

No worries. Meredith has a little bit of an issue because the [fertility] meds are a bit too strong for her, but she’s going to be fine, she’s not going blind—she needs to see.

What is in store for Mer-Der on Grey’s Anatomy in the future episodes? Dempsey summarizes the whole rest of the season series for you, with a laugh:

“It’s a melodrama—[Meredith and Derek] do the best that they can, and they cry and they fight.” Yup!

Any chance for Mark and Lexie to get back together. Well, Shonda Rhimes tweeted,

“Mark/Lexie fans: I know you are stressing out. But just wait for it. It’s gonna be a painful wait but I think it will be well worth it.” See, now don’t we all feel better?

Stay tuned for more spoilers and videos for Grey’s Anatomy season 7 episode 16 “Not Responsible” that we’ll be posting this week. Till then, subscribe for updates via email ( below, it’s free! ) or check out the next episode’s official synopsis!

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  • Marti Gammino

    Sick of the “callie and arizona show.” Mark and Lexie have had more break-up/apart time and enough is enough. No one can be happy all the time but this couple has had far too much of the negative and the fans are sick of it. Just to the point of being totally sick of all of it.

  • Edwina

    I cannot imagine Lexie is now with another guy taking shower together… So disappointed. Waiting for the whole time for them to get back together. Its all because of the baby.. why have to do this. Why Callie can have both. Mark is let alone.. Is better to watch Chuck… at least they are pair up.. Seems like ABC like to make couple not couple. Like Castle series also. Richard Castle is also not with Kate. Tired..