Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kevin McKidd Interview

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kevin McKidd Interview

In an interview with E! Online's Michael Ausiello, Kevin McKidd talks about Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy.. which will be filled with flashbacks but this time, they're flashbacks concentrating on Dr. Owen Hunt and Dr. Teddy Altman while in Iraq which will shed light on what their relationship was like and the source of Dr. Hunt's PTSD. Check out this spoilerific interview on deets for Thursday's episode!

What will we learn about Owen's and Teddy's relationship during this episode?

In this episode, Owen's PTSD will be triggered by something going on at Seattle Grace that'll make him feel like he's back in Iraq. From here, we'll see flashbacks from Owen's past, the friendship that developed between Owen and Teddy, and "an incident, a very traumatic incident, that happened out in the desert that Owen is still healing from."

What triggers the flashback?

In McKidd's knowing words, "It’s a medical thing. It’s a very interesting medical thing."

How are Owen and Cristina affected by these flashbacks?

We'll see how Owen and Cristina work as a couple and the pressures they have to deal with, with Owen still recuperating from the aforementioned incident in Iraq and Cristina dating someone who's going through all of these complex feelings.

How will the rumored Teddy-Mark hook-up affect the Teddy-Owen-Cristina triangle?

McKidd didn't have any definitive answers on whether this hook-up will affect the Teddy-Owen-Cristina triangle but he did describe the triangle as one that is "more complicated than most triangles" and that there are a lot of differences in opinion in the writer's room on "where this is headed and what this is going to be."

Is Owen's PTSD the biggest obstacle that Owen and Cristina have to overcome?

McKidd mentions that it is something that "will come into play" in their relationship... it is also something "that’s not going away."

Source: Ausiello Files