Is Addison Montgomery Coming Back in Grey's Anatomy Season 9?

Is Addison Montgomery Coming Back in Grey's Anatomy Season 9?

Former Grey's Anatomy star Kate Walsh is bidding farewell to her ob-gyne title as Addison Montgomery in the final installment of Private Practice. The spin-off series gave viewers a chance to follow the life of Addison after leaving the agonizing shadows of Derek, Meredith and Mark Sloan in Seattle Grace Hospital.

Now that the show is wrapping-up after six successful seasons, is it still possible that the sexy and worldclass neonatal surgeon would re-appear on the ninth season of Grey's Anatomy?

In a conversation with E!, Walsh said that "There's always that possibility," adding that it's always up to the creator and showrunner Shonda Rhimes. Furthermore, E! queried Kate if she's still interested in coming back. The 44-year old actress commented, "Of course, I'm open to anything. I'm ready for my next chapter, but never close the door."

Well, with Derek and Meredith's thriving marriage and with Sloan's departure, it would be an intersting story arc for Addison. Do you think Kate Walsh should still reprise her role in the medical series? Hit the comments now.

Grey's Anatomy premieres in a few days! Don't miss it on Sept. 27, Thrusday on ABC.

Source: E! Online