Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Will Bailey find happiness soon?

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December 1, 2009

This season’s been pretty tough on our Bailey – losing two of her interns, getting divorced, etc.. but showrunner Shonda Rhimes tells us that things may be looking up for her!

Is anything good coming up for Bailey on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘? I enjoyed the speech she gave to her dad at Thanksgiving dinner, but it only reminded me of how rough she has had it, and for so long! – Ashley
It is entirely by design that Bailey has had to navigate such a grueling gauntlet. As series creator Shonda Rhimes explains, “We’ve put her through a lot in the past couple seasons, and part of the reason we did it is because before that we really didn’t know Bailey. She was sort of an enigma and we wanted to unearth her.” When I asked Rhimes if better days might be awaiting Bailey, she said, “I think she deserves some happiness, and Id like to see her get some.” Rhimes, however, did not offer up a timetable for the turnaround.

Source: Fancast