Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Who does Alex sleep with?!

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December 8, 2009

Last we heard, Alex was going to sleep with someone whose identity yet to be revealed! However, TV Guide has helped us narrow it down just a bit by posting a couple of spoilers on the mystery woman’s identity!

Some are saying that Meredith will sleep with Alex on Grey’s Anatomy. Please tell me it isn’t true. I’m freaking out! — Kate
First off, we’re not going to identify Alex’s hookup, but we will help narrow down the list of candidates. Take a deep breath, Kate: Everything’s going to be fine. Meredith and Derek’s marriage by Post-It will not be torn asunder. Callie’s eye won’t be wandering back toward the men’s side of the locker room either. “Callie and Arizona get a little sexy soon,” says Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona. “We see a little girl-on-girl action. America was asking for it and America got it.”

Source: TV Guide