Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Valentine's Day episode spoilers!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Valentine's Day episode spoilers!

Looks like this season of Grey's Anatomy, they're going to be focusing on all the big holidays. We've already had the three-holidays-in-one-episode and next one up is Valentine's Day! Here are the spoilers on how the Grey's couples will be celebrating Valentine's Day, if at all, straight from Shonda Rhimes by way of TV Guide Magazine!

Here are the Grey's couples and the deets on how they'll be spending Valetneins' Day:

1) Derek and Meredith + Owen and Cristina

Rhimes spills that Derek and Owen are going to work together to plan a Valentine's Day double date. However, they hit a tiny snag in their plans: neither of their women are into Valentine's Day. "The guys will try to force them to enjoy the holiday," Rhimes explains.

2) Callie and Arizona

Apparently this couple is the only one that'll celebrate Valentine's Day willingly and healthily. Rhimes gives us all the deets: the two"go out on a date and exchange gifts at four o’clock because they know they’ll be in the ER in the evening.”

3) Bailey and Ben Warren (new anesthesiologist)

After Callie and Arizona have their date, they "play cupid" for these two. This new anesthesiologist is rumored to finally be givin Bailey some much-deserved lovin'!

4) Jackson and ???

For the people are anxiously awaiting for hottie Dr. Avery to hook-up with someone, Rhimes has some disappointing news: "he's not ready for that." Rhimes also says that she'd like to keep the audience at the edge of their seats in regards to who he'll finally get together with.

5) Alex and Izzie

As we all already know, Izzie's going to be AWOL again... however, never fear: Alex isn't going to be spending Valentine's Day alone.

Source: TV Guide Magazine