Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Shonda Rhimes interview!

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November 17, 2009

An interview with showrunner Shonda Rhimes gave us tons of spoilers on the upcoming episodes of Grey’s Anatomy!

On how Teddy’s arrival will affect Cristina and Owen…

Rhimes urges the audience to tune in because it’s not going to play out like we may think. “I think everyone assumes it’s going to go one way. It’s a very different story than we’ve ever told before,” Rhimes said.

On the new dynamic between newlyweds (by Post-It), Meredith and Derek…

Rhimes explained that the show will focus on “watching them come into their own as doctors [and] watching what goes on between them inthe hospital situation.”

On the Chief falling off the wagon…

“That’s going to get a little complicated. That’s going to get more complicated than I think anybody expects,” Rhimes revealed. However, these complications won’t arise in the form of botched surgeries. “ I really want to portray the real story and what happens when a doctor goes off the wagon and how they deal with that,” Rhimes said.

Adele, the Chief’s wife, will also be making return appearances to Seattle Grace because Rhimes feels that the show should also focus on “what happens to the marriage and what happens to him at the hospital.”

Rhimes doesn’t know how long “Izzie’s locker will be empty” but that the show must “adapt and change” to suit Heigl’s maternity leave.
On the arrival of Mark Sloan’s daughter…

Rhimes reveals that the situation’s “going to be fairly interesting. We’re going to dive very far into Mark Sloan and discover a bunch of stuff… also just how he would actually cope with something serious.”