Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: More on Alex’s one-night-stand and Calzona!

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January 8, 2010

It was rumored a while ago that Alex would be cheating on Izzie and we’ve got more deets on who this lucky lady will be! And speaking of ladies, we’ve got more news on our resident lesbian couple, Callie & Arizona!

Do you know with whom ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Alex is supposed to have a one-night stand? – Lori
Indeed, “a lot of people do the deed” during the January 14 ‘Grey’s’/’Private Practice’ crossover episodes, Shonda Rhimes says in the current TV Guide Magazine. Although Alex is married and as such is not supposed to get it on with anybody but his Mrs., yes, I know the identity of his indiscretion, and I can reveal that she has an “e” in her first name. My advice to Korev: Dude, sort through whatever issues you’ve got and soon, because the wife, Izzie, is resurfacing on January 21!

Can you help out some spoiler-hungry lesbians? We haven’t heard a peep regarding upcoming storylines and/or the next big hurdle for Callie and Arizona on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ You have your ear to Shonda’s door – heard anything promising? – Dars
There’s a writers’ meeting going on right this second, so let me press my good ear against Ms. Rhimes’ door…. OK, I’m hearing fragments of conversation. “Callie battles”… something… “and Arizona is there by her side.” Hold on, ABC security is walking by. [Whistling innocently while flipping through a copy of Men's Health] Back to the door: “…but let’s also give them a good amount of make-out time!” Does that suffice?

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