Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 10: More about the woman from McSteamy's past!

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October 29, 2009

Last we heard, Leven Rambin has been cast as the woman from McSteamy’s Past… but what do we really know about her? Ausiello gives us a spoiler to keep us guessing…

Question: I love Grey’s Anatomy but what’s this I hear about trouble on the horizon for Mark and Lexie? Who is this mystery woman from Mark’s past? —Sophie
I believe she hails from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and has McSteamy DNA coursing through her veins.

Chyler Leigh has this to say to TV Guide Magazine about Leven Rambin’s character’s arrival to Seattle Grace…

“They have something coming down the road that’s rather big… This trial will definitely show whether they have what it takes to weather the storms.”

Leven Rambin will be making her first appearance during the much-anticipated holidays’ episode. Hopefully we’ll get some more spoilers about her before then!