Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Mer/Der and Cristina/Owen spoilers!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Mer/Der and Cristina/Owen spoilers!

Here are a couple  spoiler nuggets about two of the major couples on the show to tide us over until the Grey's returns in January!

Now that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Ellen Pompeo is back from maternity leave, are we going to see more Meredith and Derek interaction? – Lori
Yes, though perhaps not as much as Derek would like. See, he’s still grappling with all this upheaval at Seattle Grace, but because of Mer’s ties to the Chief, McDreamy will need to bend someone else’s ear. “Derek feels like he’s kind of in a vacuum, and he needs another set of eyes on the problem,” Kevin McKidd told me. Said eyes belong to a certain redheaded war vet. Previewing the gents’ bonding experience, McKidd says, “Sometimes you need an outside view to determine if you’re on the right track or not, and Owen provides Derek that service in a way.”

I will trade you a hot kiss under the mistletoe for some good Cristina/Owen spoilers. Not vague spoilers, but good ones! – SaintDuchess via Twitter
Due to overwhelming demand, I presented Kevin McKidd with that rumor making rounds, about something explosive awaiting your couple when ‘Grey’s’ returns on January 14. He confirmed that “in the next couple episodes there are some pretty explosive things that happen. Almost straight out of the gate, big things happen.” I asked KMK if these “things” were of a personal or professional nature. He spilled, “It’s kind of both” before shutting down for fear of retribution from boss lady Shonda Rhimes.

Sounds like both couples are in for a change in their relationships.. we'll just have to tune in on January 14 to see how the couples cope.

Source: Fancast