Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Kim Raver TV Guide Interview!

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January 8, 2010

Here’s another interview with Kim Raver that was posted on the coat-tails of the announcement that she has been officially made a series regular! In the interview, she addresses the notorious love triangle, rumors that she’ll be replacing Katherine Heigl, and many more pressing questions now that she’ll be sticking around!

On whether or not she’s replacing Katherine Heigl…

“I don’t think anyone can replace Katherine Heigl… I look at it more as an addition to all the other characters. My character is very different than hers,” Raver explains.

On how we’re going to see the relationship grow between Teddy and Cristina…

I think Teddy really admires and was really starting to care for Cristina, so that also is creating an interesting dynamic among the three of them,” Raver says.

On the upcoming episodes, Raver spills that Teddy will drunkenly reveal things to Cristina and that things will get even more serious from there. Raver also spills, “Teddy gives Cristina this very complicated surgery to do, and that’s really interesting because it’s so layered.”

On whether or not Teddy’s trying to sabotage Cristina professionally and personally…

Raver is definite in her opinion that Teddy is not trying to sabotage Cristina and that Teddy is definitely not a backstabber. She explains that Teddy perhaps “wishes that Cristina wasn’t as good as she is” but doesn’t wish failure for her in any way, shape, or form.

On whether Teddy keeps trying with Owen…

Unfortunately, Teddy will keep trying and she “keeps getting in there.” But Raver reminds us that Teddy’s definitely no homewrecker nor is she looking to disrespect Cristina and Owen’s relationship.

Source: TV Guide