Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kim Raver Interview!

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November 12, 2009

In an interview with TV Guide, Kim Raver talks about what her character Dr. Teddy Altman is like, her character’s relationship with Owen, and of course, the question that everyone wants answered: is Teddy going to come between Owen and Cristina?

Kim Raver will be making her debut on Grey’s Anatomy on tomorrow’s episode, “New History.” Read the spoilers for this episode for tons more details on her arrival!

On what Dr. Teddy Altman is like…

“She’s amazing at what she does. She’s coming from Iraq. Her and Owen were over in Iraq together,” Raver explains. She also says that Teddy is different from the other Seattle Grace cardiothoracic surgeons that came before her. To top it all off, Teddy isn’t “warm or cuddly, either.”

On what Teddy’s relationship with Owen is like…

“All I can tell you is that they were in Iraq together and it will unfold as you see what their relationship is… I can say there is some kind of triangle, but it’s very different than what people are expecting,” Raver says. She describes this upcoming triangle to be “fantastic” that’ll revolve into something that’s “complicated and interesting.”

As for whether or not Owen’s going to open up more about Iraq, Raver says she’s not sure about how that’ll all play out but points out that it is something they went through together.

On who she’s been working with the most…

Raver says that she’s been filming most of her scenes with Eric Dane (Dr. Mark Sloan) and Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins).

On how many episodes she’s slated to appear on…

Raver had no specific details but said that “the producers and I have talked about things, but we’re just seeing how it goes.”