Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kim Raver E! Online Interview!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kim Raver E! Online Interview!

Ever since news about Kim Raver becoming a series regular, interviews with her have been posted everywhere.. and here are snippets from one of them with E! Online! She talks about the notorious triangle and what else is coming up for Teddy for the latter half of this season's Grey's Anatomy!

On whether or not Teddy is still in love with Owen...

"Yes, yes and yes!," Kim Raver exclaims.

She then explains that while Teddy is still in love with Owen, she definitely won't act on it because, "while they were in Iraq, and she never did anything, and that's what I think is so amazing about her. She's not going to start doing that kind of thing now."  In addition to Teddy's respect for Owen's relationship with Cristina, Teddy also has respect for Cristina herself and her role as Cristina's mentor.

On whether Teddy will finally have her own storyline...

"I'm already starting to build other relationships, not boyfriend-girlfriend, but other relationships are starting to evolve," Raver explains.

On whether Teddy will hook up with another doctor from Seattle Grace...

Raver seemed to have no scoop on if this will ever happen and if so, with who. But she is wondering who you guys think she would be great with!

Source: Watch with Kristin