Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kevin McKidd Interview!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kevin McKidd Interview!

For those who have yet to see Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Kevin McKidd talks about how the triangle gets more complicated (who would've thought it could get worse?) since the little exchange between Cristina and Teddy and how they try to move past it as best they can.

On how Owen feels about Cristina's offer to Teddy...

As can be expected, Owen's not exactly thrilled about it. From the sounds of it, we've got "a lot of fallout", "a lot of complication", and "exploration of their relationship" to look forward to between Cristina and Owen.

However, despite his unhappiness with Cristina's offer, he doesn't run for the hills. He does exactly the opposite. He sticks around and fights for their relationship, even if Cristina seems quick to throw it away. McKidd thinks that their denial has been forced to come to a halt with this offer and now Owen and Cristina are really going to have to sit down and think about their relationship.

On how Owen deals with being stuck between two women...

McKidd paints the picture of his character being torn between a woman who he truly loves, Cristina, and another woman, Teddy, who he shares a deep connection with due to their unique experiences together.

Source: TV Guide