Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Justin Chambers Interview!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Justin Chambers Interview!

In an interview with TV Guide, Justin Chambers spills on what we can expect for Alex and Izzie when Izzie finally returns to Seattle Grace for the Jan 21 episode.

On whether Alex will be able to forgive Izzie for leaving...

"Alex is just fed up. He's not built for all of this. He really meant what he said when he committed to her at their wedding and now he just feels that it's all rushed too fast and he hasn't really necessarily thought things through, " Chambers explained.

On how Alex deals with Izzie's absence...

One night, he goes to Joe's bar for some liquid comfort and ends up sleeping with someone -- whose identity hasn't been revealed yet although Chambers says, ""I was totally thrown off by it. I think it's great though. It just adds a little spice to the show."

On whether more marital problems will cause Izzie to leave Seattle Grace for good...

Chambers had no definitive answer but it seems we'll just have to wait and see. As for Alex, Chambers says that he has no plans of leaving good ole Seattle Grace. Even if Izzie does leave, Chambers thinks that the Grey's showrunners are great at bringing in new characters and those will most likely fill the void Izzie's departure will leave.

Source: TV Guide