Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Jessica Capshaw Interview

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Jessica Capshaw Interview

In an interview with TV Guide, Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins of Seattle Grace) indulges for what we can expect on tomorrow's episode and what's in store for Arizona & Callie this season!

On what's in store for Arizona on tomorrow's episode, "Invest in Love"...

"I have a patient who I fight very hard for... The episode speaks to the whole idea that money runs a hospital. The chief is having a hard time figuring out how to make the hospital ascend the ranks of the numbers game, [and] money helps make that happen. Arizona's case happens to be with a set of parents who have the ability to give or not give in a very consequential way," Jessica explains. She further explains the inner turmoil that Arizona must be feeling " as a surgeon, but also as a pre-eminent doctor in a hospital that is part of the reason that people are giving money or not giving money."

It was also revealed that we will celebrating Arizona's birthday this episode, whose reaction to a big party is atypical and even goes on to say that Arizona is not "the one to be asking for balloons and candles."

Jessica also addresses why Arizona seems calmer than the rest of the Seattle Grace gang about the merger: "It's sort of funny, she never thinks she's wrong and you don't hate her for it. There's no ego though, she just always thinks she's right and she is... In Thursday's episode, it will be revealed whether or not she's worth her weight in gold and how important she is."

On what's in store for Callie and Arizona as a couple...

"This season has been about cementing a very mature and grounded relationship and taking it forward. This is a drama, of course; there will be conflict, but for the time being, they're enjoying being in a relationship that seems stable," Jessica explains. As for questions of whether or not Callie and Arizona have been intimate, Jessica says that "of course it's happening."

However, Jessica addresses Callie's vacillation in terms of her sexuality and that it may cause problems between Arizona. "We get to see how things unfold and if there's forgiveness. Callie could find another guy or girl. Her playing field is vast," Jessica divulges.

On future visitors from Arizona's family...

"I hope that we do [meet Arizona's dad]. They've certainly set it up that we could and it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of," Jessica says.

Source: TV Guide