Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Izzie + Mark&Lexie Spoilers!

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January 14, 2010

All the spoilers recently have been regarding tomorrow’s episode and all the drama between Teddy, Owen, and Cristina. Well these next two spoilers will be about Izzie’s return and another one of the show’s couples: Mark and Lexie!

Question: I am drinking a Diet Raspberry Snapple and thinking of you (in a non-stalker sort of way) and am hoping you might give me some Grey’s Anatomy scoop! —Lesley
Mexie is M’over. The lovers will break things off this week, but it doesn’t really become official until next week when word of their respective dalliances comes to light. Interestingly, someone’s not as pissed off as I would’ve thought.

Question: When is Izzie returning to Grey’s Anatomy? —Jesse
Katherine Heigl returns to the set in late February, so, by my guesstimation, we’ll see Izzie back on air in March or April. In related news, I want that schedule. I’ll even adopt a baby if that’s what it takes.

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