Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Even MORE about the woman from McSteamy's past!

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November 7, 2009

Last we heard, a problem with the woman from McSteamy’s past will lead to a Grey’s-Private Practice crossover event because she’ll need the help and expertise of Addison Montgomery. But now we’ve got MORE spoilers and we’re hearing them straight from show-runner Shonda Rhimes!

This woman, or rather girl, portrayed by Leven Rambin, will make her first appearance during the 10th episode “Holidaze.” Don’t forget to check out spoilers posted about this episode!

On how Addison and Mark get along during the crossover event…

Rhimes describes the relationship between the two as more mature and even friendly now that both have “really grown up since they were together, and most of the animosity that they had is gone.” However she does tease that “they may end up falling back into their old patterns while they’re together.”

On what causes Addison to return to Seattle Grace…

Mark asks Addison to come to Seattle Grace because the woman, or rather girl, from his past is pregnant and needs surgery.

On how Leven Rambin’s character’s arrival affects Lexie and Mark…

Rhimes says, “It’s a new obstacle for Lexie and Mark. I’m not sure it’s the kind of obstacle people are expecting, but it’s definitely a new one. I’m not sure they’ll stick together through it.”

Source: EW