Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Could Izzie be pregnant?!

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November 10, 2009

From the promos for this Thursday’s episode, it seems like Izzie could be pregnant.. well here’s the scoop from Shonda Rhimes, via Fancast!

Is Izzie pregnant on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?! The new promo sure makes it look that way. – Sofie
It will be interesting to see who Meredith is directing her “You’re pregnant?” at. If Izzie, the timing could be fortuitous for the put-upon Dr. Stevens. As series creator Shonda Rhimes told me, “Izzie has had everything taken from her – she’s had cancer, she’s lost a friend [George], and she had what she saw as a betrayal of a relationship [with Alex] when she got fired – so she’s sort of standing on this very delicate place where she feels like she has nothing. She’s searching for some reason to hang on.”

Not the direct answer us Grey’s fans are looking for (although, wouldn’t a baby be a great “reason to hang on” for Izzie?) but I guess we’ll just have to tune in on Thursday to find out!