Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Calzona and Alex-Izzie spoilers!

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January 21, 2010

After last week’s episode, we got a sneak peek into Calzona’s sex life and the demise of Alex and Izzie’s marriage. Spoilers tell us that we’re in for an even more in depth look at Calzona’s relationship (including their sex life) and that perhaps Alex and Izzie’s marriage might not make it past his betrayal.

On Calzona’s relationship…

Up until last week’s episode, we hadn’t really seen their sex life — which is unlike all the other relationships on the show. We saw their relationship grow and evolve, which is something that Jessica Capshaw (who plays Arizona) also likes.

On seeing more of their sex life…

Spoiler: next week’s episode is going to be even steamier than the shower scene from last week’s episode. Callie will be recovering from the chicken pox and we’ll definitely see some “girl-on-girl action.”

On the repercussions of Alex and Lexie’s hookup…

Justin Chambers, who plays Alex, doesn’t rule out the chance of Alex and Izzie getting divorced after he slept with Lexie. Even if this happens, he thinks that Alex will still carry a torch for Izzie and probably always will.

He also pretty much rules out the idea of Alex and Lexie becoming a couple after the hookup. Chambers says that it was just a one-night stand and that Alex is “still pining for Izzie.”

On the chances of Alex making his way through all the ladies of Seattle Grace…

Chambers says that there are two ladies who will definitely stay off-limits: Yang and Grey. He says they’re like sisters to Alex, especially Grey… however, he jokingly doesn’t rule out the chances of it happening if the ratings get too low.

Source: TV Guide