Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Bailey's new love interest!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Bailey's new love interest!

That's right, Grey's fans.. you read right! Bailey's finally going to get herself some action and it's fortuitous timing as this new love interest's arrival is around the vicinity of Valentine's Day!

So who's the lucky guy?jasongeorge

Bailey's love interest will be played by Jason George -- who will be making his debut to Seattle Grace as anesthesiologist Dr. Ben Warren

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes describes Dr. Warren as "confident" and won't win Bailey over quickly -- in fact, Rhimes says that "when [Bailey] first meets him, she doesn't like him.. but she learns to."

No word yet on how long Dr. Warren will be sticking around at Seattle Grace but Rhimes makes it seem as if they're playing it by ear and seeing how the two actors work together.

Source (article): TV Guide Magazine

Source (picture): ABC