Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Avery-centric spoilers!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Avery-centric spoilers!

We don't usually really hear many spoilers about Dr. Jackson Avery, the handsome green-eyed doctor from Mercy West but that has finally changed! Check it out and find out what's in store for Dr. Avery -- whether or not he'll be hooking up with anyone soon and how he's linked in Meredith Grey (and it's not in a way you might think!)

On how he's linked to Meredith Grey...

Despite rampant rumors that he's the product of the adulterous affair between the Chief and Ellis Grey (and therefore another half-sibling of Meredith's), executive producer Betsy Beers says, "It's not relevant and not on anyone's brain."

How he's actually linked to Meredith is through his grandfather, Harper Avery. Apparently, the Avery Award is named after him and this is the very same award that Ellis Grey received for her amazing surgical skills.

On what's coming up for Jackson Avery...

Jesse Williams, the actor who portrays Dr. Jackson Avery, teases that there are a lot of changes going on with the show and yes, tons of things changing for his character as well.

On what kind of changes we can expect Dr. Avery to be going through...

Finally! Here's the good spoiler: "There's a lot of relationship changes. Within the group," Williams says. While he doesn't divulge who exactly Dr. Avery will finally be hooking up with, he does reveal who it's not going to be.. and that's Cristina Yang. Apparently Dr. Avery's had enough of the rejection and is moving on to freer pastures -- and by freer pastures, I mean, both the groups of ladies from Seattle Grace and Mercy West.

Source: TV Guide Magazine