Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Are the doctors at Seattle Grace getting sick?!

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January 14, 2010

Doctors are always trying to get their patients well but sometimes, they forget about themselves… or so the spoilers from TV Guide say. Check them out to see which of the doctors, if any, have fallen ill!

What are these rumors about Callie being sick on Grey’s Anatomy!? — Jen
ADAM: For the record: Callie is not dying. She just has chicken pox and will be nursed quickly back to health by Arizona. On the health front, though, we’re hearing that Owen’s post-traumatic stress disorder will flare up again. “We haven’t seen much of it yet, but that doesn’t go away,” Kevin McKidd says. “My hope is that you see him be able to deal with it in a more self-sufficient and non-destructive way, since he’s now acknowledged it. … I think Teddy coming back churns up a lot of that stuff.”

Source: TV Guide