Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: An upcoming reunion and romance?

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October 27, 2009

E! Online posted a couple of spoilers about what’s coming up for Alex and Izzie and for Jackson, the Mercy Wester with the piercing green eyes!

ADL in N.J.: I can’t believe Izzie left Alex on Grey’s Anatomy! Will they get back together soon?
All we can promise is that Izzie will be back soon—Katherine Heigl is back on the set of Grey’s Anatomy this week, along with Ellen Pompeo—but no promises about a full Alex-Izzie reunion. (I mean, if you were Alex, you’d be pretty pissed at Izzie right about now, wouldn’t you? Hmmm, maybe Sarah Drew should move in for the kill?)

Suzi in Kent, Ohio: That new doctor with the green eyes on Grey’s is so hot. Is he going to have a Seattle Grace romance any time soon?
Dr. “Beautiful Green Eyes” is still on the market, Jesse Williams himself dished exclusively to us. “Jackson’s about working and just kind of being really effective and not being involved in the business of ‘he said, she said’ and backstories and stuff,” the Grey’s addition told us. “But who are we kidding here? It’s Grey’s Anatomy; I’m sure there is something around the corner. I’m just waiting to hear.” Besides yourself, who do you want to see this hunk with?

Source: E! Online