Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Alex-centric spoilers!

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January 20, 2010

Ever since last week’s episode, I bet you guys are all wondering what’s next up for Alex… and definitely Alex and Izzie! Well here’s a spoiler that may (or may not) answer your burning questions!

Will Alex and Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy get back together? — Paisley
ADAM: After Alex hooked up with Lexie last week, all bets are off. But it seems his on-and-off thing with pediatrics might be back on again, thanks to a nudge from Arizona. “I finally bring Alex back in the fold,” Jessica Capshaw tells us, adding that Arizona makes it her mission to prove working with kids isn’t all fluff. “Anyone can operate on brains, but try and operate on baby brains,” she says. “Arizona ends up advocating for Alex to find his way in peds and see if he can hack it. He has a very hardcore experience.”

Source: TV Guide