Grey's Anatomy: Spoilers about two relationships and the next firing!

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October 21, 2009

Ausiello posted some spoilers about the future of two relationships on Grey’s and who’s definitely not getting fired next!

alexizzieQuestion: You were right: I was crying during the final scene of last week’s Grey’s Anatomy. My heart broke for Alex. Please tell me you have some good news about him. —Anita
He makes contact with Izzie this week. That’s the good news. Here’s the bad: She’s not coming out of hiding anytime soon.

Question: I’m a huge Kim Raver fan and I’m thrilled that she is joining Grey’s. Could you give us some scoop on her character? —Sabrina
She’s basically Cristina’s worst nightmare: a heart specialist who used to play doctor with Owen. That’s right, Owen’s ex is going to be Cristina’s (potential) mentor! Cue the dramaz!

Question: I have a feeling the Chief will get axed on Grey’s. —Troy
A word of advice: You’d make a terrible psychic. The Chief is not the one who gets fired. BTW, unlike Izzie, the doc getting pink-slipped this week won’t be back.

Source (picture): ABC