Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 16: Casting Calls!

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January 8, 2010

Although the 16th episode is a longways from now, here are some spoilers on who else we can expect to make an appearance at our beloved Seattle Grace! Also there are some little spoilers in there about what cases we can expect the Seattle Grace doctors will be dealing with.

[HARPER] Male.. Caucasian, doctor, late 60′s early 70′s, one of the most famous and powerful celebrities in the medical world. Must feel patrician. STAR NAMES ONLY. GUEST STAR

[PAM] Female, all ethnicities, 50′s to early 60′s, middle lower class, maternal. Severely hard of hearing with a sense of humor. GUEST STAR

[KATHY] Female, all ethnicities, mid to late 30′s, middle lower class, must be attractive with a sense of humor. She has taken care of her mom for the last 5 years. GUEST STAR

[ELLIOT] Male, all ethnicities, early 20′s, extremely thin due to sickness, upper middle class. GUEST STAR

[JILL] Female, all ethnicities, late 20′s, upper middle class, over protective sister of Elliot. GUEST STAR

Source: SpoilerTV