Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 15 “Time Warp”: Bailey before she was the Nazi!

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January 23, 2010

Last we heard about the flashback-centric episode, appropriately named “Time Warp”, there would definitely be some spotlight shone on our very own Miranda Bailey before she was the Nazi. Here our fist look at what she looked like back then and more details on her flashbacks!

She looks so different! Almost unrecognizable! Wait til you guys read the spoilers on how she used to be before she became the Bailey we know and love!

  • Referred to herself as “Mandy” and not “Bailey”
  • “Mandy” didn’t know how to stand up for herself to her boss (played by Missi Pyle)
  • Think of “Mandy” as “Bailey’s inner-geek” as show-runner Shonda Rhimes explains it

The episode is set to air on February 18. Anyone else dying to find out more details before then?

Source: Ausiello Files