Grey's Anatomy: Sarah Drew (a Mercy Wester) interview

Grey's Anatomy: Sarah Drew (a Mercy Wester) interview

mercywestTV Guide interviewed one of the Mercy Westers, Dr. April Kepner (portrayed by Sarah Drew), and asked her for some scoop (read: SPOILERS!!) about the future of the residents and attendings of Seattle Grace and Mercy West.

On whether any of the Mercy Westers will replace Izzie...

"That is also something I cannot say anything about," Sarah said.

On the relationship between April and Lexie...

"Lexie's (Chyler Leigh) apology that happened at the end of the last episode carries through, so there isn't as much animosity in the rest [in the rest of the episodes]."

On the relationships between the Mercy Westers themselves...

"There is definitely a close bond between those two characters," she said, while talking about April Kepner's and Reed Adamson's (portrayed by Nora Zehetner) friendship.

It'll be nice to see April kind of relax and see how the empty space left my Izzie's departure will affect the competition between the Mercy Westers and the original gang.

Source: TV Guide