Grey's Anatomy: Robert Baker (a Mercy Wester) interview

Grey's Anatomy: Robert Baker (a Mercy Wester) interview

TV Guide does an interview with another Mercy Wester, Dr. Charles Denman (Robert Baker), or as many Grey's fans remember him as: the guy who got Izzie fired.

67 On whether Alex is going to beat Charles to a pulp...

"It's funny, the episode this Thursday, Alex and I do have some stuff together. You see his dislike for me," Robert said. "It's a little more passive-aggressive what goes on between he and I. He has me under his thumb a little bit and takes advantage of it."

On Charles's future with Reed...

"It hasn't really come up that much since, but it seems like something might." Robert then hints at a "sort of weird triangle" between himself, Reed, and Karev.

On other future couplings... perhaps one between a Seattle Gracer and a Mercy Wester?

"I know that Cristina and Jackson are pitted in an adversarial relationship that always, on Grey's, seems like it leads elsewhere. The fighting leads to something else."


On the Mercy Westers finally eating some humble pie...

"You're definitely going to see us fail and pretty darn hard. There is comeuppance, so people who are waiting for Mercy Westers to feel the ax, they're going to be happy."

On what we can expect from tomorrow's episode "I Saw What I Saw"....

"There's been a massive apartment-building fire. It's just total chaos. It's a he-said-she-said. There's too many doctors and too much commotion. It's all centered around one patient who we lose. It's trying to find out who was actually responsible for the death of this young lady. I can neither confirm nor deny the hospital of origin of the killing party."

On Izzie's return....

"I can definitely say that Izzie is going to give as good as she got when she gets back around to me. People can definitely to look forward to seeing her score some points on [Charles] in the near future."

Source: TV Guide