Grey's Anatomy: Casting call for Bailey's mom and more

Grey's Anatomy: Casting call for Bailey's mom and more

Here are some spoilers about the guest cast members for the upcoming episodes of Grey's Anatomy! Sounds like we'll be meeting Bailey's mom during the holidays!


Casting call for the Grey's holidays' episode...

Grey's Anatomy is getting closer to finding a mother for Chandra Wilson's Miranda Bailey. The character, now tentatively named Rachel, is described as being between the ages of 55-65 and very tasteful, classy and smart. But sadly, she'll apparently also be checking in to Seattle Grace Hospital around the holidays as a patient. What's ailing Miranda's mama? And will this mean that Dr. Bailey will be having a blue Christmas?

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Casting call for Episode 10...


[RILEY] Female, Caucasian, 18 or older to play 18 year old. Gorgeous with a touch of trashy. RECURRING GUEST STAR

[COREY] – Caucasian, boy or girl, 6 y.o., MUST BE SMALL, fair complexion with red or blond hair.

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