Grey’s Anatomy Exclusive Spoilers: Wanted Fugitives Check-In at Grey-Sloan Memorial

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September 23, 2013

kepS-O-S! Hold on to your phones people, this spoiler may urge you to hit 9-1-1..

From a casting intel, a couple in their 50′s will be introduced in season 10 episode 6 of Grey’s Anatomy (titled “Map of You”).  But don’t underestimate their age, fandom.. You see, they may have already passed their prime but you won’t believe how outrageously bold these folks are!

Slated to air on 24th of October, a man checks in with his lover at the hospital to get help for his broken ankle. Things are all smooth and easy at the beginning but when the doctors discovered some bad news (a.k.a insurance-related paperworks), a red flag that warrants the feds must be dealt with, STAT!

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Source: Spoilersguide