Grey’s Anatomy Exclusive Spoilers: A Stubborn Kid Checks In; Plus, Gallbladder Doc is Introduced

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November 30, 2012

Learn what’s to come in an all new episode of Grey’s Anatomy! Here are the exclusive spoilers we’ve rounded-up in season 9 episode 13.

(Episode title TBA)

  • SGMW will be treating a 12-year old girl who has a prowess for soccer since she was 4 years old. On the episode, the girl will display acts of stubbornness towards her doctor as she refuses to get her knees treated.
  • Meanwhile, a doctor who proclaimed himself as a gall-bladder kinda guy will be introduced on this episode. “Dr. Gallbladder” presents his technique procedure he has developed over the years to his fellow doctors. For fun, the doctors will compete on a gallbladder face-off procedure following Dr. Gallbladder’s technique. However, the live contest will bring Dr. Gallbladder humiliated when one of the doctors shows-off his alternate, yet better technique calling it the “Smith Method”.
  • And, when a patient is diagnosed with an inoperable tumor, the doctor in-charge suggests chemotherapy to treat the patient’s cancer. But apparently, the patient’s parents refuse the treatment due to their own set of beliefs between chemicals and natural miracles.

Source: Spoilers Guide — Grey’s Anatomy