Grey’s Anatomy Exclusive Spoilers: A Magician Checks-In; Plus, A Funny Scene From Drunk Revelers Abound!

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March 21, 2013


Thursday exclusives Grey’s fandom! Hope you enjoy what’s coming up for your beloved surgeons in Grey Sloan Memorial, check out the latest spoilers:

    • In Grey’s Anatomy season 9 episode 22, a magician rushes his wife/assistant to the ER of Grey Sloan Memorial after a magic trick has gone south. They are accompanied by the magician’s second female assistant whom we’ll learn later is romantically involve with his wife too. Yep, talk about illusion of marriage.
    • A funny scene is abound when two carefree, young women bring their other girl friend at the ER after partying all night, insanely drunk. The inebriated patient is barely conscious and is already coughing up blood.
    • The funny part happens when the two hungover partymates check out one of our hot docs. To be fair, these doctors are totally smoking. Alcohol can only make us so vulnerably attracted to beautiful things, might as well use it for the best ones. Right ladies?

Source: Spoilers Guide