Grey’s Anatomy Exclusive Spoilers: A Control-Freak Mother Went Too Far

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November 5, 2012

Hey there, Grey’s fandom! Isn’t it a beautiful day to give away an exclusive spoiler? (Thanks Dr. Shepherd for that awesome line) Anyway, here’s our quick Monday teaser for you!

In Grey’s Anatomy season 9 episode 11, we learned that a terror mom is getting her daughter checked to the Seattle Grace-Mercy West E.R. Well, ofcourse, let me clarify that she’s not some kind of Al Aqaeda-inclined mommy. As most mothers do, they harbor on the great walls of control freaks. And on this episode, this mommy goes way too far. Her poor daughter, due to her interminable dictatorship, develops a condition that calls the need for a therapist.

Might you have some wise conjectures? Send them in now on the comments. Catch you later for more Grey’s Anatomy exclusives!

Source: Spoilers Guide – Grey’s Anatomy