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Greys Anatomy

Season 14 Episode 14

Games People Play

Air Date: 03/08/2018

Maggie’s relationship with Clive starts to progress, and she invites him over for a game night to meet Meredith and Amelia....

Season 14 Episode 13

You Really Got a Hold on Me

Air Date: 03/01/2018

Seattle firefighters Ben Warren and Andy Herrera head to Grey Sloan after rescuing two boys that are injured in a house fire....

Season 14 Episode 12

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Air Date: 02/08/2018

April is in charge of the new Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Contest, and the doctors are eager to start their projects....

Season 14 Episode 11

(Don't Fear) the Reaper

Air Date: 02/01/2018

The stress of managing the hospital and coming to terms with Ben’s decision to become a Seattle firefighter pushes Bailey to her limits....

Season 14 Episode 10

Personal Jesus

Air Date: 01/25/2018

A young boy is admitted to Grey Sloan Memorial and his case has a profound impact on the doctors....

Season 14 Episode 9


Air Date: 01/18/2018

Jo finally faces her estranged, abusive husband Paul Stadler...

Season 14 Episode 8

Out of Nowhere

Air Date: 11/16/2017

A hacker compromises the hospital’s computer system, causing monitors, phones, labs and patient files to all go down....

Season 14 Episode 6

Come on Down to My Boat, Baby

Air Date: 11/02/2017

Jackson invites the guys to relax with him on a day at sea; Arizona, April, and Maggie treat a woman who is hiding a deadly secret....

Season 14 Episode 5

Danger Zone

Air Date: 10/26/2017

Events leading up to Megan's kidnapping are revealed in a flashback, Owen and Megan work through old wounds....

Season 14 Episode 4

Ain't That a Kick in the Head

Air Date: 10/12/2017

Amelia confronts a difficult situation, while Meredith deals with the fallout from her conversation with Nathan....

Season 14 Episode 3

Go Big or Go Home

Air Date: 10/05/2017

Harper Avery arrives and puts Bailey on edge...

Season 14 Episode 2

Get Off On The Pain

Air Date: 09/28/2017

Meredith struggles to come up with a new plan for Owen’s sister....

Season 14 Episode 1

Break Down the House

Air Date: 09/28/2017

Meredith and the team are focused on helping Owen’s sister after her shocking return, and Amelia faces a conflict over a patient....

Season 13 Episode 24

Ring of Fire (Season Finale)

Air Date: 05/18/2017

A dangerous patient escapes the hospital room, putting the doctor's lives at risk...

Season 13 Episode 23

True Colors

Air Date: 05/11/2017

The doctors of Grey Sloan encounter a difficult case involving a dangerous patient....

Season 13 Episode 22

Leave It Inside

Air Date: 05/04/2017

April and Andrew consult with a patient who has an inoperable heart tumor...

Season 13 Episode 21

Don’t Stop Me Now

Air Date: 04/27/2017

Bailey and April work to fix things between Richard and Catherine....

Season 13 Episode 20

In the Air Tonight

Air Date: 04/13/2017

Meredith and Nathan have to confront their feelings when they get stuck sitting next to each other on a plane....

Season 13 Episode 19

What’s Inside

Air Date: 04/06/2017

When Maggie takes on a big case, many of the doctors are worried she’s not the right one for the job...

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