The beginning of Derek’s Alzheimer Trials

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December 24, 2010

When we last left our Grey’s Anatomy gang, we found out that Derek got the funding for his Alzheimer trials. It seemed to a given that his wife and muse, Meredith, would be the one to help him out.. check out these spoilers and see whether this assumption will hold true on the upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy!

When will Derek start his Alzheimer’s trials on Grey’s Anatomy? — Alison
Soon. But don’t think he’s going to change his mind about working with Meredith. He’s still concerned that adding his wife to his team will adversely affect his judgment, so he chooses another resident. That decision will turn Dr. Grey into a green-eyed monster.

Source: TV Guide

  • Kaye Cleaves

    Please NOT April. I really have tried to like her but can’t. She’s so annoying.Anyone but her for the clinical trials.

  • Esra

    it is probably Avery because he is also into neuro

  • Emily

    it’ll be lexie, or christina

  • space

    I think it will be Christina… and its actually Derek she is jealous of- because Derek and Christina are becoming so close